Friday, (25/08)-fire fight training has been held at Mechanical Engineering Department FTI-ITS with cooperation of Surabaya’s Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran. This training has participation of lecturer, staff and college student of Mechanical Engineering Department FTI-ITS.The precaution for disaster at Mechanical Engineering FTI-ITS should have been done in order to prevent and minimalize the damage in case a disaster occur.The knowledge to countermeasure fire disaster currently not yet included at lecture curriculum. But, thi is not something to be underestimated because disasterous event may come anytime and enywhere. This training objections are so that Mechanical Engineering Department FTI-ITS is always ready to encounter fire disaster and take precaution as best as it could.

This training held in two session, theory session and simulation session. In theory session, a lot of knowledge can be obtained and can be applied at work or at home. Such as how to countermeasure fire disaster, starting from, self countermasure agaisnt fire disaster, how to call city’s firefighter department, and actions thats should to be or not to be done when fire disaster happen.During evacuation process when disaster happen it is necessary for everbody to keep calm, and the go to safe place or evacuation point. Take precendence of life more than valuables, help others as much as possible, do not panic, do not come to dangerous area, and always follow the instructions from officers. Therefor to minimalize the damage and avoid any casualities.

After the theory session has finished, the participant is invited to do a simulation of fire fighting. Entusiasm can be seen from all of the participants who are doing training this afternoon, the participants are invited to the parking lot of Mechanical Engineering Department FTI-ITS. In this simulation, participants has been given an education about LFA (Light Firefighting Apparetus), from how to carry LFA and to how use it. The participants are very enthusiastic to learn how to use LFA, starting from pulling the pin, to hold and to direct the nozzle to fire, and to pushing the handle of LFA perform sweep like motion to put out fire. The LFA that has been used is LFA that using powder of CO2 and Hallon that has been adjusted with fire class.

The objection of this training is to increase the understanding of prevention and countermeasure for fire disaster. Furthermore in order that Mechanical Engineering Department FTI-ITS could overcome and avoid causialities and damage. (kez/tar)

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