Wednesday, (23/08)-has been held Kickoff 5S as advanced action from workshop at PT. Astra Honda Motor that included of series event “Dies Natalies 60th Teknik Mesin” with theme “Sinergy and Innovation Redefining Uber Alles”. Besides the representative of Mechanical Engineering Department FTI-ITS and PIC of college student that involved, kickoff this morning has been attended by ITS Rektor Prof. Ir. Jonu Hermana and Ir. Hery Soemardiyanto as PT. Astra Honda Motor representative that is alumi from Mechanical Engineering Department FTI-ITS.

In his speech, Mister Herry said that the most difficult challange in 5S implementation is the commitment that is needed from all of civitas academin of Mechanical Engineering Department to continue maintaining the implementation. The lack of awarness of long-term impact from 5S which is become the background the challange be in form of commitment is exist.

5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) or in English known as 5C (Concise, Cleanly, Clean, Care, Commit) is a work culture that has been applied in almost all of the Japanese Company. The goal is to increase the efficiency and quality at workplace as in this term is Mechanical Engineering Department environtment. In his speech, he explained that Seiri or concise is activity to picking around between the goods that still been required and not. Seiton that is the second phase of 5S is activity to make layout and indentity to make the goods to be neat so it will make esier to find. The next is Seiso that is ensure all the tools and goods keep cleaned. The other 2S is Seiketsu and Shitsuke are the most important from 5S, Seiketsu is to make SOP or visual control to ensure the first 3 phase is done. And Shitsuke is the ending attitude that has been expected to form after after doing the other 4S, that is the formation of discipline attitude and commitment to the standard that has been made.

Implementation of 5S at the Department of Mechanical Engineering FTI-ITS which has started with cleaning in the department secretariat and Motor Fuel Laboratory will be continued with the cleaning of 12 other laboratories. In addition there will be gradual control by employees in every day, every week by the head of the laboratory, and control each month by the department head. Expectations from the implementation of 5S activities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering FTI-ITS is in order towards AUN certification. In addition also for Mechanical Engineering can be a profit center which means every laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering generate income, one such example through the leasing machine. (rtn / atr)

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